Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations

  • Participants can submit applications for up to two award categories.
  • A non-refundable fee of Euro 300 + VAT, per submission is applicable.  In the case of an additional submission a discounted fee of Euro 150 + VAT is applicable.
  • Only companies engaged in business-to-business transactions are eligible to apply.
  • Applications from economic operators that are active in the sectors listed in the International Trade Promotion Incentive Scheme Guidelines Pg 11 available on MIBA’s website https://www.miba.mt/guidelines may apply for these awards.
  • Applications from economic operators that are not active in the sectors listed in the International Trade Promotion Incentive Scheme Guidelines Pg 11 available on MIBA’s website https://www.miba.mt/guidelines may still apply subject to the terms and conditions of section 3.1e of the same guidelines.
  • The financial Grant
    • The additional financial grant will be made available from January 2025 and can be utilised until 31 December 2026. The additional funding must be utilized during the years 2025 and 2026.
    • Existing application and claim process will apply.
    • All financial assistance will be subject to the De Minimis Aid regulations.
    • The awarded funds may be used for following activities:
      • Exhibiting at international trade events and shows 
      • Participation at TradeMalta’s trade and business missions
      • Market preparedness and development (including hosting prospects in Malta, developing marketing collateral and travel for business development purposes)
      • Market research 
      • Digital marketing, 
      • International call for tenders
  • Only applications submitted online on MIBA’s website will be accepted.
  • Only paid-up applications will be processed.
  • Participants are advised to keep a copy of the Entrant Guide handy whilst submitting their applications.
  • Entrants are urged to submit clear and concise information.  The use of charts, tables, images or other illustrations is advisable.
  • Entrants should include as much evidence as possible of their achievements. 
  • Entrants will be asked to submit information about their international business and strategy and achieved results. The request for information for each award is categorised, as follows: – 
    • Overall performance, including financial results and investments. Entrants must submit audited accounts for the past three years. Where necessary, documents must be certified by an auditor, an accountant, or a competent authority to attest to their veracity. All documentation will be treated with strict confidentially.
    • Detailed information about market knowledge and international marketing efforts, being undertaken through the company’s Malta office. 
    • Detailed information about capacity building, including human resource development, and innovation within your product or service. 
  • All information provided will be kept confidential and solely used for the purpose of evaluating this competition.
  • For more information kindly refer to MIBA’s website or contact TradeMalta at info@trademalta.org or call 22472400.

The Adjudication process

In the first phase, online applications will be scored by TradeMalta executives and Grant Thornton auditors who will evaluate all applications to:

  • ensure compliance with the application process,
  • score all entries according to the criteria listed for each category in this Entrant Guide,
  • shortlist finalists within each award category

In the second phase, finalists will be invited to deliver a presentation to a judging panel, who will decide which of the finalists will win the four categories as well as the overall winner. In this second round, judges will vet the quality of the presentation, the capability to respond to questions regarding the original application and other strategic considerations. A designated team member/s from the respective company will deliver the pitch to the judging panel. The team member/s will be allocated fifteen-minutes to deliver their presentation. This will be followed by a 10-minute question time allocated to the judging panel.

The panel of six judges will be chosen by TradeMalta based on their expertise, experience, qualifications, and impartiality. Judges will have no direct or indirect involvement in any of the applicants’ companies.

Four Award Categories

Select the relevant category for your business and submit your application for the Malta International Business Awards.  

Best SME Exporter

Best Large Exporter

Best High Potential Exporter

Best Emerging Markets Exporter