Best Emerging Markets Exporter

BEST Emerging Markets Exporter Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility: Businesses that can demonstrate success in identifying business opportunities in emerging markets and have translated these into tangible export revenue within these markets.

Emerging markets Definition (for the purpose of these awards): Eastern Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Overall Results of the Company

Company details and a summary description of your company’s activities.

The audited financial statements for the past three years. The commissioned auditors will calculate metrics concerning growth and profitability on the basis of the accounts.

International Revenue as a percentage of turnover, verified by a Certified Public Accountant.

Other information concerning growth in markets and/or clients.

Information concerning investment in internationalisation.

Market Knowledge and Marketing Efforts

A description of the company’s Unique Selling Proposition.

International marketing and business development efforts undertaken.

Number of international markets present.

The market segmentation underpinning your market choices.

What network you have built in the target market(s).

Internationalisation and Innovation Capacity and Future Plans

Human resources dedicated to internationalisation.

Innovation capacity

Future plans for internationalisation.

In this category, the aspect of market selection will be weighted higher than in other categories.

Application Process

If you are interested in joining the awards, follow the below steps and then click on Apply Now which will lead you effortlessly to the submission process.

Step 1

Check whether your business is active in any of the economic operators listed in the International Trade Promotion Incentive Scheme guidelines Page 11.

If your business is not active in any of the economic operators listed on page 11 of the guidelines , you may still apply subject to the terms and conditions of section 3.1e of the same guidelines

Step 2

Prepare your audited financial statements for the past three years. If audited accounts are not available, please provide management accounts verified by a certified public accountant (CPA) in lieu.

Step 3

Select the category you wish to apply for (you may apply for up to two categories).

Step 4

Fill in the online application.


Exclusive awards are available for the winners of each category and overall winner.

Financial Grants

TradeMalta assists eligible companies, with a maximum financial grant of Euro 30,000 per year. This capping will be raised by an additional Euro 10,000 for all four category winners and by an additional Euro 20,000 for the overall winner. This funding will help the winners to expedite their internationalisation projects. The additional funding must be utilized during the years 2025 and 2026.

Airfare Tickets

Category winners will win a flight ticket to Dubai each. The overall winner will win an additional flight ticket to Dubai.

Corporate Video

TradeMalta will finance and produce a short corporate video for each of the finalists. Video clips will be aired during the Awards night and will be handed over to finalists to be used freely by the company in its promotional efforts after the gala evening.

Award Logo

Winners will be given the opportunity to use the Malta International Business Awards Winner 2024 logo in their marketing campaigns and stationery after the awards.

Free Promotion

Finalists, category winners and the overall winner will benefit from free promotion conducted by TradeMalta before, during and after the Awards night.


The trophy will include the Malta International Business Awards logo, the inscription of the award won by the winning company and the name of the winning company.